Paraphrase Selected Text

The “Paraphrase Selected Text” feature in our Chrome extension provides users with a valuable tool for expressing ideas in different words while retaining the original meaning. Whether you’re writing essays, reports, or creative content, this feature helps you avoid plagiarism and enhance clarity.

How it Works

Select the text you wish to paraphrase, right-click, and choose the “Paraphrase Selected Text” option from the context menu. Our extension will generate a rephrased version of the text, maintaining the essence of the original while offering a fresh perspective.

Usage Example

Suppose you’re summarizing a research article for a presentation or paper. Instead of directly quoting the text, use the “Paraphrase Selected Text” feature to rephrase the content in your own words. This demonstrates your understanding of the material and adds authenticity to your work.

Why it Matters

Paraphrasing is an essential skill in academic and professional writing. By offering a paraphrasing tool within the browser, our extension equips users with the means to express ideas effectively while avoiding plagiarism and enhancing originality.

Get Started

Elevate the quality of your writing by installing our Chrome extension today. Enhance your paraphrasing skills and craft compelling content with ease.


While this feature is implemented, as with all AI generated content, you need to make sure the answers are correct, before using it!