Explain in simple words

The “Explain in Simple Words” feature in our Chrome extension simplifies complex concepts, making information more accessible to all users. Whether you’re struggling to grasp a difficult concept or aiming to communicate clearly, this feature has you covered.

How it Works

Simply right-click on the text you wish to simplify and select the “Explain in Simple Words” option from the context menu. A popup window will appear, presenting you with a simplified version of the text in easy-to-understand language.

Usage Example

Suppose you encounter a jargon-filled article on a technical topic. By utilizing the “Explain in Simple Words” feature, you can gain a clearer understanding of the content, breaking down complex terms into digestible explanations.

Why it Matters

Clear communication is essential for effective learning and knowledge dissemination. By simplifying complex concepts, this feature promotes inclusivity and empowers users of all backgrounds to access and understand information.

Get Started

Install our Chrome extension today and embark on a journey of simplified learning and communication.


While this feature is implemented, as with all AI generated content, you need to make sure the answers are correct, before using it!