Check Image Info

The “Check Image Info” feature in our Chrome extension provides users with a comprehensive analysis of images, including accuracy assessment and additional information verification. Whether you’re conducting research, fact-checking, or simply curious about image content, this feature offers valuable insights.

How it Works

When encountering an image online, right-click and select the “Check Image Info” option from the context menu. Our extension will analyze the image, assess its accuracy, and provide additional information or corrections as needed.

Usage Example

Imagine you come across a viral image on social media that claims to depict a specific event or location. Before sharing it further, use the “Check Image Info” feature to verify the accuracy of the information and ensure that the image content aligns with the provided context.

Why it Matters

In an age of digital manipulation and misinformation, verifying the authenticity of images is essential. By offering a tool for image analysis and verification within the browser, our extension empowers users to become more discerning consumers of visual content and promotes truthfulness online.

Get Started

Start verifying image accuracy and promoting truthfulness in online content by installing our Chrome extension today. Take control of the images you encounter online and contribute to a more informed and responsible digital community.


We are still in the experimenting phase to get this action as accurate as possible. In the beginning it might not come with full checks and functionality.