Create Website Summary

The “Create Website Summary” feature in our Chrome extension offers users a convenient way to distill the essence of web content quickly. Whether you’re conducting research, seeking key insights, or simply browsing, this feature provides concise summaries to save you time and effort.

How it Works

When browsing a webpage, right-click and select the “Create Website Summary” option from the context menu. Our extension will analyze the content and generate a succinct summary, highlighting the main points and key takeaways.

Usage Example

Imagine you’re exploring a lengthy article or research paper online. Instead of reading through the entire text, use the “Create Website Summary” feature to extract the most relevant information efficiently. This allows you to grasp the essence of the content without investing extensive time and effort.

Why it Matters

In today’s fast-paced digital environment, information overload is a common challenge. The ability to generate website summaries streamlines content consumption, enabling users to focus on what matters most and make informed decisions.

Get Started

Experience the efficiency of website summarization by installing our Chrome extension today. Simplify your browsing experience and unlock valuable insights with just a few clicks.


While this feature is implemented, as with all AI generated content, you need to make sure the answers are correct, before using it!