Check Accuracy

The “Check Accuracy of Selected Text” feature in our Chrome extension empowers users to verify the correctness and reliability of textual information. By leveraging advanced analysis capabilities, this feature aids users in identifying inaccuracies, false statements, or misleading content, fostering a more discerning approach to online information consumption.

How it Works

Select the text you wish to evaluate for accuracy, then right-click and choose the “Check Accuracy” option from the context menu. Our extension will scrutinize the selected text, cross-referencing it with trusted sources and fact-checking databases. It will then provide feedback on the validity of the information presented, highlighting any discrepancies or areas of concern.

Usage Example

Imagine you come across an article or social media post containing sensational claims or dubious information. Before sharing it with others or taking it at face value, use the “Check Accuracy” feature to assess the reliability of the content. By verifying the accuracy of the text, you can avoid spreading misinformation and promote a culture of critical thinking and fact-checking.

Why it Matters

In an era of rampant misinformation and fake news, verifying the accuracy of textual content is paramount. Misleading information can have far-reaching consequences, affecting public perception, decision-making, and social discourse. By offering a tool for accuracy checks within the browser, our extension empowers users to become more vigilant consumers of information and advocates for truthfulness and integrity online.

Get Started

Take control of the information you encounter online by installing our Chrome extension today. With the “Check Accuracy” feature at your disposal, you can play a proactive role in combating misinformation and promoting evidence-based discourse. Together, we can foster a more informed, responsible, and trustworthy digital ecosystem.


While this feature is implemented, not the full functionality is tested and validated. As with all AI generated content, you need to make sure the answers are correct, before using it!