Comment on Social Media

The “Create Comment …” feature in our Chrome extension offers users a versatile tool for crafting engaging and contextually appropriate comments for social media posts. Whether you’re expressing positivity, offering critique, or injecting humor, this feature provides a wide range of comment options to suit every situation.

How it Works

Select the text of the social media post you wish to respond to, then right-click and choose the “Create Comment …” option from the context menu. Our extension presents you with a variety of comment options, each tailored to a specific tone or sentiment. Simply choose the appropriate tone and our extension will generate a comment that complements the original post.

Usage Example

Imagine you come across a friend’s social media post sharing exciting news about a recent accomplishment. Instead of simply liking the post, use the “Create Comment …” feature to add a personalized and congratulatory message. Choose the “Positive Comment” option from the context menu, and our extension will generate a warm and supportive comment to enhance the celebratory atmosphere.

These tones offer a wide range of options for users to tailor their comments to various social media posts and engage with content in a manner that best suits the context and their personal style:

  1. Positive Comment
  2. Negative Comment
  3. Funny Comment
  4. Aggressive Comment
  5. Lovely Comment
  6. Skeptical Comment
  7. Supportive Comment
  8. Curious Comment
  9. Inspirational Comment
  10. Sarcastic Comment
  11. Witty Comment
  12. Informative Comment
  13. Nostalgic Comment
  14. Critique Comment
  15. Encouraging Comment
  16. Descriptive Comment
  17. Inquiring Comment
  18. Sympathetic Comment
  19. Detailed Comment
  20. Question Comment

Why it Matters

Effective social media engagement requires thoughtful and engaging comments that resonate with the content and contribute to meaningful interactions. By offering a range of comment options tailored to different tones and sentiments, our extension empowers users to express themselves authentically and engage with their online communities more effectively.

Get Started

Enhance your social media presence and strengthen your connections with others by installing our Chrome extension today. With the “Create Comment …” feature at your fingertips, you can elevate your commenting game and make a positive impact on your online interactions.


While this feature is implemented and working quite reliably, as with all AI generated content, you need to make sure the generated content is correct, before using it!